Daily Learning

What did I learn today?

I launched the website on Jan 1, 2017 and have been thinking “What Next?”
Though I got more than ten ideas, I was waiting till today to zero in on this idea – Daily Learning.
I have decided to share my daily learning here. Over a period of time, this might be a good collection of how I spent my time and is there a pattern in my learning.

4th January 2017
Article on Test Strategy by Fiona Charles: https://www.stickyminds.com/article/basics-revisited-test-strategy
I received the link for this article in my inbox today and having attended Fiona’s session, I read the whole article. To my surprise, this was from 2011.
Idea: I need to spend some time revisiting archives from different forums.

I take a lot of videos and screenshots resulting in my phone memory quickly filling up.
This also means I cannot install more apps.
Idea: How can I make a lightweight mobile recording rather than saving on my phone? Search for a tool that saves directly on cloud and gives me the link to share.

I had 2000 INR note and wanted to get change in 100 / 500
Once the cashier handed me the change, I noticed that someone had scribbled on one of the 500 notes. I was not sure if it meant that the note would no longer be accepted by banks. How do we prevent someone from scribbling on the note?

Multiple logins to the same GoDaddy account is possible from two computers on two different networks.

WordPress: You can give access to a user to a specific site(or page) from the main domain. Need to investigate more.

We still see many websites with error messages that make perfect sense to the website owner and at the same time, the users have no clue why they are facing the error message.

The Zen of Problem Solving: The Path of No Resistance by Peter de Jager. I created a quick unpolished mind map of the webinar. Here is the partial image.

And I wanted to follow Peter to realize that twitter showed me that I had blocked him. Now, I have no clue why I would have blocked him. I just hope that it was accidental. I started thinking about how many such accounts I would have blocked by mistake…

See you tomorrow.

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