Always wanted to read a book but worried about the cost and the place to store them?
Did not feel like keeping a book after reading it?

We solve it through the golden words – Just rent it! 🙂
Welcome to Happy Book Renting

Let us know which book you would like to read and we would get that delivered to you
(For now, restricted to Bangalore). We will expand to other cities soon.

Here is the form to express your interest:

We have the following guidelines for the smooth user experience:

  1. Book condition
    Everyone loves a well-maintained book. Do not write, fold, highlight… Read, Enjoy, Return. Any damages will be deducted from your subscription. We don’t want to reach there
  2. Book Return
    Return before your subscription expires. If not, we encourage you to extend your subscription or else pay us the book cost.
  3. Book duration
    Up to you. You can return anytime before your subscription (minimum 3 months) expires. Only one book can be kept at a time. If you want a new book, please return the previous book

350 INR per month. Once you fill the form we will contact you for the payment and to answer any questions you might have!

Happy Book Renting 🙂