Conferences so far:
Agile Testing Days Asia | March 01-03 | Bangalore, India
Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit, Bangalore, India | Oct 20 | Automation in Testing: A session of confessions, introspection and secrets

Exploratory Testing: Hands-On Approach To Test Better – Full Day Workshop at STePINSUMMIT, Bangalore, India | July 28

STeP-IN summit 2016
Global Testing Retreat | April 24 | Pune, India
50+ Tips to Improve Tester-Programmer Relationship

Global Testing Retreat

Think Test 2015 | 50+ tips to improve tester-programmer relationship | Delhi

QAI STC 2015 | Keynote titled: “Software Tester’s Role in Conscious Quality Delivery”¬†Software Testing Conference 2015Mobile App Europe | Sep 28 | Potsdam, Berlin

Mobile App Europe 2015Keynote speaker at CAST The Future of Testing is Here

CAST 2015Waterfall, Agile and Beyond: The Power of an Exploratory Tester | Aug 5 | CAST, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Exploratory Testing in Agile Projects: The Known Secret | Oct 31 | Agile Testing Days, Potsdam, Berlin

Agile Testing Days 20132010
Weekend Testing: Skilled Software Testing Unleashed | EuroSTAR, Copenhagen, DenmarkEurostar 2010
Winner | Bug hunting contest | LogiGear | Free conference ticket to VISTACON, Vietnam

Bangalore Weekend Testers | STC 2009 | Hotel Le Meredian, Bangalore, India

Software Testing Conference in India2008
Guest lecture on “My Testing Approach” at Edista’s Software Testing Finishing School, Bangalore, India